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A psychiatrist comes from a medical background and provides clinical diagnosis and pharmacotherapy (medications). They do not provide psychotherapy.

On the other hand, a Clinical Psychologist is an RCI (Rehabilitation Council of India)-trained and licensed professional with expertise in clinical diagnosis, psychological testing and psychotherapy for all mental health concerns. They do not provide medications.

Therapy is a collaboration between you and your therapist to address your psychological distress and concerns. It is based on a strong and trusting alliance that encourages a non-judgmental and unbiased support from your therapist which helps to talk freely.

Yes! We believe therapy is about making yourself a priority. Therapy can help in improving your relationships, build strong coping skills to overcome stress, fears and insecurities and communicate effectively. It enhances your holistic approach to life itself! You can engage in therapy on a short term basis for your times of need or on a long term basis for consistent support and maintenance.

Yes and no. In some cases of mental health concerns like Schizophrenia or Substance Abuse, medications are the first line of treatment and further supported by psychotherapy. Then again, in other kinds of concerns medications are not required and engaging in only psychotherapy will provide longer lasting results. It depends upon the intensity, frequency and psychological nature of the symptoms.

For better understanding, it is always suggested to consult with a Clinical Psychologist and clarify your doubts before you embark into any kind of therapy, pharmacological or psychological.