About Us

Our Story

We are a team of IIT alumni and Licensed Clinical Psychologists, with single focus of providing best care for mental health issues.

We started our journey in September 2020 during the first peak of Covid crisis in the country. In the midst of one of the major health crisis our generation has seen, we realized that mental health needed equivalent attention. We also quickly realized that the standard of mental healthcare needed a definite upgrade and quality Psychotherapy is need of the hour. With this in mind we conceived “Art of Mind” with a single focus of becoming the gold standard of Psychotherapy in India.

Why we are different

Upon quick research, one can find that there is a lot of confusion and lack of clarity regarding Psychotherapy. To solve we have taken the following measures:

– Work only with Certified Psychologists

-Provide measurement based care to track progress

-Match our clients with the ideal therapist via our unique algorithm

With these simple yet unique measures, our care has proven to be most effective to our clients till now and we strive to be better each day to provide exceptional service in the future.